We are currently looking for experienced Senior Software Engineers with the following qualifications and experience:

Ability to work with cross-functional teams in various clients environments with little direction

Excellent interpersonal and communication skills

Experience in working with silicon vendors and manufactures

Experience in consumer electronics system architecture, BSP, and their full life cycle

Experience with RTOS and Linux kernel with an excellent understanding of embedded operating system concepts

Can read and understand circuit schematics and debug using oscilloscope or logic analyzers

BA/BS degree in Electrical, Computer Science, or Computer Engineering

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Job Description

a part of a highly skilled cross-functional team that develops consumer electronics system from prototype to mass production

often an embedded member of a larger client's team

helping hardware team evaluate performance and select vendors to architect consumer electronics systems

participating in schematic reviews and manufacturing test development

working with clients and manufacturers in JDM model to develop BSP, bring up boards & prototypes, and own the delivery of BSP in part or whole

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Please list what CAD packages you are familiar with, years of experience, and level of expertise. Please also include any other skills (e.g. structural FEA, spring analysis, thermal analysis, class A surfacing, master model creation, 3D printer experience, CNC experience, experience with specialized measurement tools).


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