In 1959, Henry Kremer set forth the challenge for the creation of a human-powered airplane – one which stood unfulfilled for eighteen years.  That is until Paul MacCready got involved. He realized that the “problem was the problem” and reframed it, found a faster way to fail, recover and try again.  The result was that within half a year, the first human-powered airplane – Gossamer Condor flew 2,172 meters.

Gossamer Engineering is where passion, curiosity, and innovation turn concepts into products. 

Inspired by the story of Paul MacCready and the Gossamer Condor –the first human-powered airplane.  Gossamer Engineering helps clients get at the heart of the problem – the development process itself.  

. . .

We are a full-service, vertically integrated, system design company that offers Electrical, Mechanical, and Software design services. At Gossamer, we not only architect and design solutions - we also design for manufacturability, cost, and serviceability.  

We are  passionate problem-solvers, who love pushing the innovation envelope and work with industry leaders and startups in delivering breakthrough and advanced consumer products to market.  

Through years of experience, Gossamer has also built strategic engagements  with top-tier Original Design Manufacturers in Asia and with technology partners in the US that enable a seamless transition from concept to product on time and within budget.  Our joint development model with the focus on volume production allows for effortless transition to production and ability to scale. 

Ensuring our client's success has always been and will be our top priority.